Jan 07

Bali Hydro Organic Smoking Blend Review

Bali Hydro Organic Smoking BlendTL;DR:  Bali Hydro Organic Smoking Blend is packed with herbs and extracts that make this new blend a sticky and kind of harsh one, but once I gave it a chance I was able to forgive the dry throat and clingy plastic packaging because my actual enjoyment of the this organic blend made up for the first few annoyances. 

Bali Hydro Organic Smoking Blend is a Club 13 product with ultra-serious packaging, if you’re going to give this product a try you’ll want to know where the scissors are hiding.  This product was donated for review by Salvia Extracts where it will be available for purchase in the near future.  Bali Hydro Organic is surrounded in that incredibly annoying hard plastic packaging usually reserved for high-end technology to, I can only assume, prevent thievery but instead it ends up making everyone’s life a little bit harder.  Oh well, I could only hope as I used a pair of scissors to cut open the top of the package that the extensive packaging would guarantee that Bali Hydro Organic was a fresh as possible – and to my delight the herbs were definitely quite fresh, but a new problem regarding the packaging presented itself.

While I was desperately trying to pry the plastic package open, the circular disc-shaped plastic container (containing Bali Hydro Organic Smoking Blend) got stuck, and I mean stuck!  It was so firmly trapped in the protective casing that I just couldn’t budge it free and the plastic outer casing became more of a tiny little grave.  Luckily the bottom of the container screwed off and I was able to remove all of the herb matter.  I had to come back later with scissors to cut the lid free so I could actually reseal the leftover Bali Hydro Organic herbs.   This definitely wasn’t the best packaging move Club 13 could make, but hopefully it’ll all be worth it because the herb matter within looks rather intriguing.

Bali Hydro Organic Smoking Blend contains a huge list of natural herbs and a number of those are in their extracted form.  There’s quite a bit of softer looking, light green herb matter in this blend and lovely red hairs are strewn throughout.  Almost the entire blend is covered in a sticky dark colored extract that’s resin-like in appearance.  The herbs smell somewhat sweet, but there is also a strong hint of something else, perhaps a bit fruity.  The back of the package suggests that a water pipe, pipe, hookah, or vaporizer would work well with Bali Hydro Organic and I opt for the pipe.

Bali Hydro Organic Smoking Blend Opened

Pinching a few fingertips worth of herb into my pipe, I lean back and light up the sticky blend.  There’s not a ton of herb here, Bali Hydro Organic only comes with 1.5 grams worth, but it only takes a bit to fill my pipe and I estimated I could get half a dozen or more uses out of it.  As I exhale my first puff of smoke, my tongue is left lingering with a somewhat antiseptic taste.  It’s a very clean taste, and the burn isn’t too harsh at first, but subsequent relights seem to feel harsher and harsher on my throat.  I don’t really relish the taste too much, but it’s not too awful either, and the post-burn scent is like that of a sweet but burnt flower.

It takes a few minutes for my mind to realize it ought to be feeling something a little extra special by now, but it isn’t.  I take a few more puffs, then pinch a bit more the fresh Bali herb into the pipe and light it up once again.  Ah!  Now I can feel Bali Hydro Organic working its mojo, but it has a gentle touch.  Distances feel disturbed and somehow off, and when I later read an e-mail I’d been writing while testing Bali Organic, I noticed a lot of typing errors I hadn’t even been aware I was making.  My head grows dreamy as time continues to pass, and I also begin to feel tired as my eye lids feel heavier and heavier.  Bali Hydro Organic Smoking Blend took longer than expected to begin working, but once it did the relaxing and mind bending elements became forefront and obvious and I rather enjoyed it, despite the terrible packaging.

Rather fresh herb blend
Clean taste
Relaxing but a bit tiring too
Distorted distance/time awareness

Hard plastic packaging is unnecessary and frustrating
Top of inner herb container stuck in packaging
Somewhat harsh and heavy smoke


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  1. kristen

    glad that more companies are trying to get into the all natural route, and appreciate the time you take to try things out, that way it gives me an idea somewhat as to the effects. thanks

    1. MidnightToker

      That’s why we’re here! With so many companies having to drop synthetics because of legal and health costs, bold new natural products were inevitable. We’re pleased as punch to see more and better stuff hitting the market. It’s a really exciting time for smokers everywhere.

  2. Tommy

    I have tried this blend and the recently reviewed G4 blend. I also was very upset at the packaging for this product and it didn’t do much for me. G4 was about 5x stronger and 3 grams cost the same as 1.5 grams of the Club13 product. G4, Zero Chem and Lucid are the top dogs in the market right now for sure.

    1. MidnightToker

      We totally agree. Thanks for the comment :)

  3. N1lbog4721

    What would you say are your top 5 most elite herbal smoking blends(all natural) so far?

    1. MidnightToker

      Yikes, that’s always a hard question because preferences vary so much, but G4 and Lucid are both quite good. People have been a bit mixed on Organic Farms, but we’ve reliably enjoyed it as a really mellow smoke. Avoid the various Starflower smoking blends; they’re inconsistent and less effective than something better (and better priced). For smokers, we recommend Lucid – for tokers, we recommend G4.

  4. antixhero

    I recently gat this and all I have to say is there’s a certen way I have to smoke this cause I’ve smoked this 3 times now and still nothing all I gat was a mint taste in my throat and when it’s burning I get complains that it smells like weed. 18$ for a 3.5g and the only thing it does is smell good nothing else

  5. tacoking77

    its not the way you smoke it, its just plain nasty with an off odor I couldn’t place, it tastes like a Newport and is a sticky mess like sugar water on it? I don’t care for IO type stuff! This is the worst blend I have ever tried, next to outer edge which is the worst attempt at an herbal blend! do not buy unless you want to play a trick on them , because once they try it you can say gotcha! club13 needs to redo a new damiana blend with some real taste and effects! good luck guys!

  6. tacoking77

    The best legal in my state is plain or flavored damiana if you like that sort of thing, it can be bought at health food stores ,and I have stood in the store and weighed it out with some mullien and other herbs one day! herbal smoke café had sent me some samples and the bluberry damiana was a treat, not a big head change but a good smoke for quitting cigs or just a nice casual smoke, if you know what I mean! I have got damiana for 2 dollars a oz many times, try it instead of MJ and let us know what you think, damiana can be used for libido and many other things, relaxation and teas!

  7. bill bicson

    So can it show up n a urine test

    1. MidnightToker

      Probably not, but you’ll want to check with the manufacturer to be sure. We really, really doubt that it would. They contain cannabinoids or anything that the piss test is likely to pick up.

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