Mar 26

BHO Explosion in Michigan Injures Four


Image of the word BHO made from BHO

Image of the word BHO made from BHO

It appears that the public schools in Michigan have failed their youth, Specifically, the science programs seem to have failed to impart the knowledge that flammable gases will explode if contained in a small space and exposed to open flame. Amazingly, despite the increasing frequency with which the news is willing to pick up the story of a BHO explosion, the people trying to make the concentrate just aren’t learning.

Butane is not only heavier than air, it is flammable in low concentrations. Most people would not be surprised to hear about the BHO explosion that occurred Sunday afternoon in Harrison Township in the Detroit area was a result of an amateur attempt at a very dangerous process without proper ventilation.According to an article published by Mlive, a Michigan news outlet,

 ”The resident of the apartment met with first responding deputies and he related that the stove of his apartment had exploded,” Macomb County officials said in a release Monday. “He said that he was the only person in the apartment when it happened. “The individual had extensive burns” and “while investigating the scene, it became apparent that the story provided by the man did not comport with the condition of the scene.”

Police eventually determined that there were five people present, including the 19-year-old whose apartment was blown up. Of those five, all were 22 years old or younger, and only one escaped the explosion uninjured.

 The residents were using a chemical process to extract THC from marijuana. They attempted to use a propane torch in the processing and it ignited explosive fumes. Drug Enforcement Administration agents investigated and cleared the 9-unit apartment. The complex suffered severe structural and foundation damage. Residents were evacuated.

Reportedly, no arrests have been made. It is likely at least some of those present had a medical marijuana card, as otherwise it seems probably everyone present would be sitting in a cell right now. The author of the article referred to BHO as “a sticky, black oil that is nearly 70 percent pure THC.” While some BHO may be that potent, like with cannabis flower, potency, consistency, aroma, and color all vary.

Source: Mlive

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