Mar 28

Black Label Herbal Blend Review

Black Label Herbal Blend TL;DR: Black Label Herbal Blend offered little in the scent, flavor, or feels department which resulted in an overall disappointing herbal blend. 

Black Label Herbal Blend is a signature herbal blend offered by the Legal Herbal Shop, and according to their website this particular blend ought to make for a rather smooth, high quality all natural smoke. In the traditional style of LHS’s homebrew blends, Black Label is packaged in a transparent plastic bag with a zip lock seal. A sticker label states the blends name and the Legal Herbal Shop website, but that’s where the information comes to a halt.

Despite the fact that this blend (like all the blends we review) is all natural, LHS doesn’t list the ingredients on the package or on their website. I can only assume that this is done to keep their trade secrets just that, it disappoints the herbal explorer in me that wants to know exactly what an herb is before taking the plunge, but it looks like this will have to be another cave I spelunk without a head lamp.

Barreling straight in turns out to be a mistake as my pair of tweezers can attest to. I dumped the packet of Black Label out onto a piece of paper to sort through the herbs, carelessly using my fingers to poke through the herbal blend as I always do. Except this time there’s an herb (or part of an herb) I’m unfamiliar with, a thin needle-like thorn akin to the ones you’d find on a cactus but much smaller. What this amounted to was having several thorns sticking out of my fingers, as if I’d grabbed a cactus. I washed my hands gently and plucked the thin thorns from my skin, but was still not sure what herb these came from. Thorns aside, there’s quite a bit of the same fluffy herb found in Organic Farms blends like Cali Crunch, and one giant stem. Suffice it to say, Black Label is a visual fail.

Scent wise, there isn’t much of one. A bit of sweetness catches my nose when I give Black Label a good whiff, but really there isn’t much to be said. Packing a pipe up with a pinch of the herbal mix, I light it up and begin the real test. The flavor was much like the scent, hardly noticed and barely there. It was a smooth smoke though, so at least there’s that. I smoke the entire thing within ten minutes and begin the waiting game. Will the effects rise up…eventually?

After waiting a fair amount of time, I officially call it – Black Label Herbal Blend is a dud. Any effects felt were so miniscule that I have to declare them placebo effects, if that. With no ingredient listing, spiny needle herbs, barely-there scent and flavor, and nearly zero effects I can’t recommend this blend to anyone. Although I’m sorry to post such a negative review, there are so many other blends to choose from there is no reason anyone should ever pick this one. Move along folks, there’s nothing to see here.

-smooth smoke

-unlabeled ingredients
-spiny, splinter herbs
-little to no effects
-little to no aroma/taste


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  1. tacoking77

    tried their NEW x-gen herb, it was an earthy smell with a wood taste and little or no effects, I didn’t expect much from LHS and when I asked for a sample(I always do) they got a little lets say snotty with me so their in my old phone book! the one I don’t use anymore! Save your money lhs just sucks!

    1. MidnightToker

      For us, LHS products have been hit or miss. Star ratings haven’t been as favorable as our personal reviews, though. We won’t write off the entire company just because some of their smoking blend products aren’t up to snuff. No doubt, they have some good products – we’ve personal tested several gems. Packaging is lacking severely, but on the whole we think LHS is a fine, if under-polished, herbals company.

  2. tacoking77

    sorry I was so hard on them but I figured it would be a better product none the less! Im just working my way through these new blends and im hoping for a champion to come through soon! I will post a review of a legal blend soon!

    1. MidnightToker

      No trouble, really, we just shy away from the “this product wasn’t up to my expectations, therefore the entire company is garbage” responses that we occasional get. Every company has sold, at some point or another, a product that people somewhere didn’t like. Some companies absolutely deserve to be whipped (legalbuds), but there are plenty of others that benefit from constructive criticism. Smoking blends are for mature adults, so we expect mature discussion. Thank for your contributions, man, we really appreciate it :)

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