Jan 18

Blueberry Skunk Herbal Kush Review

Blueberry Skunk Herbal Kush TL;DR: Blueberry Skunk Herbal Kush is a stimulating yet relaxing herbal kush which works best when rolled into an herbal cigarette using the sweet tasting Skunkalicious papers included with this blend.

Blueberry Skunk Herbal Kush is an herbal smoking blend which comes with its very own rolling papers just like the previously reviewed Juicy Herb blends.  The front of the package has a sideways grinning skunk, one arm lazily resting on the edge of his animated loop, his skunk tail huge and fluffy behind him. The character adorning this packet reminds me of Pepé Le Pew, though this is obviously not the famous Looney Tune character represented on a packet of herbal kush.  I received Blueberry Skunk Herbal Kush from Super Fun Cave, where it and the strawberry version are available for purchase. I’m hoping there’s nothing truly skunky about this blend, but there’s only one way to find out.

The back of the Blueberry Skunk pack has a list of ingredients, though I find it a little funny that the list is titled as ‘may contain’ because it seems like an either or deal to me. According to the back of the packet, Blueberry Skunk Herbal Kush probably contains Althaea officinalis, Tanacetum parthenium, Lactuca virosa, Damiana, Passsiflora incarnata, Porangaba, Artemisia vulgaris, Mentha spicata, Blueberry and other fruit extracts. Unfortunately the inclusion of Damiana means Louisiana residents will have to skip on this one.

Opening the 3.5 gram packet of Blueberry Skunk reveals the rolling papers hidden inside. The papers are nicely double packaged, wrapped in their own plastic wrapper to keep them separate and clean of the herbs within, which I really appreciate. The scent of this kush is rather blueberry-like as expected, but there’s also a hefty smell of mint behind it, and the combination of fruity and minty is an interesting one no doubt.

Visually the herb is mostly light green in color, but there are some thicker, yellowish looking stems floating about the mix too.  Some of them are so big I pick them out, they just don’t seem like they’d burn very well. Previous experience says it’ll probably be fine though, oddly enough when you roll up an herbal smoke with some of these blends the sticks and stems can occasionally become unnoticeable. I opt to roll up a Blueberry Skunk herbal kush smoke with the Skunkalicious papers inside. The papers don’t list a flavor, but they are sweet and fruity smelling completely independent from the scent of the actual herbal blend.

After rolling up my smoke, I give it a quick light and it really takes off fast! The first puff is harsh, but the harshness tapers off as I puff on it, and by the third puff I’m barely noticing it. The mint flavor comes through, but the blueberry doesn’t really carry over, leaving me with a sweet (from the papers more than anything) minty flavor. The scent is kind of fruity, but it’s overtaken by the burning herb scent so it’s hard to notice.

I felt rather relaxed after finishing the herbal cigarette I rolled with Blueberry Skunk Herbal Kush. There were no visual distortions or anything like that, I felt really focused and raring to go. I oddly had a real energetic, positive outlook come over me and I tackled tasks with a better perspective than usual. Perhaps this blend sparked an inner desire to be productive, or it relaxed and calmed my brain into such a state that my natural desire to live life to the fullest came out. Either way I rather enjoyed Blueberry Skunk Herbal Kush, though personally I think some of the Juicy Herbs blends Super Fun Cave sent me before were a bit better. If you give this blend a try, be sure to leave a comment below and let BurnOneWith.Us know what you thought of it!

Fruity/minty scent is unique
Comes with rolling papers
Felt mentally stimulated afterward

Harsh for the first few puffs
Sticks and stems present


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  1. Typkl_Tal

    You said some of the other Juicy blends were better..do you remember which? and is this what you would reccomend for a more energetic effect rather than just relaxing?

    1. The_Smoker

      The actually herbal smoke was a lot more pleasant with the Juicy Herb blends in my opinion, they were more relaxing and tasted better – but none of them had much for effects other than being calming and relaxing. None of them drained my energy, that’s for sure, but in my experience I haven’t really found an herbal smoking blend that inspires a sense of energy, but Blueberry Skunk got me mentally rather excited, like when you feel really motivated to get some new project underway – but as for pure energy, no, I don’t think any blend has really done that. Oh wait! I did review an energy inducing drink that enhances herbal smokes – http://burnonewith.us/kannabliss-highvoltage-review/ but if you are caffeine sensitive I would avoid it. You might want to look into kratom if you’re looking for all natural products which can promote energy.

  2. Typkl_Tal

    Thanks for your input! I’ve been looking into Kratom. Never tried it but i think i’ve found some strong kratom resin on starflowerdistribution.com
    seems like they have pretty good products but i can’t find any reviews.
    I heard Kratom doesn’t work well when smoked, have you ever tried it?

    1. The_Smoker

      You’re right, you really can’t smoke kratom. Some smoking blends out there do use kratom resin to bind together their herbal elements and I think it does have an effect, mostly in enhancing the herbs it’s helping to blend together, but I think just on it’s own it’s not going to do much – at least if you’re smoking crushed kratom leaves. I’ve heard that kratom extract or perhaps an oil could be vaporized or something similar successfully, but I don’t have any first hand experience to offer. I’d suggest going over to another blog on our network, We Love Kratom, they have lots of information on kratom available as a good starting point.

      1. Typkl_tal


  3. Jason

    There is a kratomite electric cigarette that works very well but isn’t really worth the $24 places charge for them

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