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Apr 02

California Looking to Ban E-Cigarette Use

Image of e-cigarette use

Please don’t ban e-cigarette use

In an unprecedented move, California lawmakers are hoping to ban e-cigarette use in public, much like smoking has been banned in public places. Unlike actually smoking, however, vaporizing or using an e-cigarette has no impact on the people surrounding the user. The vapor exhaled is just that, and contains no dangerous carcinogens like second-hand tobacco smoke does.

Despite a growing preponderance of evidence that e-cigarettes are benign devices at worst, infinitely safer alternative to combusting chemical-laden tobacco at best, lawmakers want to ban e-cigarette use anywhere that smoking is currently banned. The proposed bill, Senate Bill 648, could impact the lives of thousands (or more) of California residents in a serious, negative way. Read the rest of this entry »

Nov 30

Mr. Smiley E-Cig Kit & Relaxation E-Liquid (Vanilla) Review

Mr. Smiley E-Cig KitTL;DR:  Mr. Smiley E-Cig Kit was relatively easy to assemble and use, offering the perfect cigarette smoking experience without any of the smoke and providing a tasty flavor.  Read the rest of this entry »