Dec 14

Juicy Herbs Demonilla Review

Juicy Herbs Demonilla ReviewTL;DR:  Juicy Herbs Demonilla has a spicy clove scent which goes great with the included cherry flavored papers, and although it’s not the smoothest of smokes, it proved a stimulating and tasty treat. 

Juicy Herbs Demonilla touts a tag line that puts forth more of a challenge than I expect to receive; it says matter-of-factly Not For the Meek or Weak.  This herb’s got an attitude concerning itself, the statement on the back of it makes me wonder what I’m even doing with it – If you don’t know the proper use for this blend it is not for you.  Yikes.  I hope rolling a smoke out of the included Juicy Jay’s papers is what they had in mind because that’s what I’ll be doing with it, as I have no idea what else they could be thinking.

I received Juicy Herbs Demonilla from Super Fun Cave, and like the other Juicy Herbs blends, this package contains a whopping 7 grams of product.  The herb matter in this package is a lot denser than previously reviewed Juicy Herbs blends though and it departs from the usual mix.  Clove, Kava Kava, Damiana, Cardamom Seeds, Juniper Berries, and Skullcap make up the ingredients in this smoking blend and you’ll notice the difference immediately upon opening the package.  Wowza that’s some clove right there!  The smell instantly reminds me of my youthful twenties when I used to smoke the occasional Djarum, but now I can enjoy the delicious scent of a clove cigarette without the pretentious stereotype!  A pack of cherry flavored Juicy Jay’s papers is also included and I’m excited to see how these flavors will meld together.

This blend is going to be a little bit weird to roll into a nice cigarette, at least that’s how I felt looking at it.  Half of the mix is powdery and very fine, but the other half is rough and has the appearance of stems more so than any sort of fine herb. I really wish the entire blend was mixed together better, but win some lose some I guess.  I dumped the entire packet out and separated an even mix of fine powder and firm herb together, and gave rolling the smoke my best go.  My best isn’t good enough though, and I end up inhaling some dusty herbs.  Eck.  A few youtube videos later and I’m golden with a much better rolled herbal smoke, and finally I’m able to give the clovetastic Juicy Herbs Demonilla a proper go.

It lights up and burns relatively smooth, though I still coughed more oft than not it seemed.  It’s tasty though and the scent is pleasant, it mixes nice with the cherry papers, though I think I’d rather smoke this one out of a pipe next time just because the consistency is frustrating.  I feel a little mentally stimulated after finishing the smoke, in the same way I would feel rather fired up after participating in a heated debated.  It’s kind of a pepped up feeling, not overwhelming or anything, and hell maybe it’s just from standing outside in the crisp air and gazing up at the stars while enjoying the taste of Demonilla and the always lovely action of smoking, but I was digging it.  Well, except for the coughing part, I could have done without that.  If you just can’t handle the clove or the cough, I’d skip this blend in favor of another, but if you crave the occasional clove smoke this is an herbal blend worth checking out.

Clove smell is fantastic

Poorly blended ingredients force you to carefully mix it yourself
Some coughing, slightly harsh
Difficult to roll

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