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Juicy Herbs Potentilla Erecta Review

Juicy Herbs Potentilla ErectaTL;DR:  Juicy Herbs Potentilla Erecta makes me feel like an idiot for smoking tobacco cigarettes for years.  This blend rolled into a fine herbal smoke and, combined with the delicious peaches n cream papers, was completely satisfying.

Juicy Herbs Potentilla Erecta is another smoking blend from the makers of Juicy Jay’s flavored papers, and after reviewing Feverfew, The Bulldog and Proze Smoke, I’ve got high hopes for Potentilla Erecta. The labeling is straightforward on this package and reveals that there really is only one ingredient in this herbal smoke and that’s, as you guessed, Potentilla Erecta!  I was unfamiliar with this particular herb so I did a bit of research and learned that it has been dried and sold for centuries and probably longer as an astringent and an antidiarrheal, and some kinds were even used to make red dye.  These days you’re more likely to see Potentilla Erecta growing in a garden, or packed into a bright green and yellow Juicy Herbs Potentilla Erecta pouch.  I received my sample, and all of the Juicy Jay’s Juicy Herbs I’ve reviewed, from Super Fun Cave.  Speaking of which, if you’re a vendor (or know of one) looking to have your all natural smoking blends reviewed, please reach out to us because we’d love to review your product!  Now onward to the review!

It can be hard to get a scent reading on a Juicy Herbs product because the Juicy Jay’s paper has such a strong aroma that the scent of the papers can take over the herb.  At first the only thing I could smell was the delicious peaches and cream scent of the papers packed inside the Juicy Herbs Potentilla Erecta packet.  I’m happy to see a new variety of the papers packaged with Juicy Herbs, and Peaches and Cream sounds like another winning paper flavor to this reviewer already.  Even after letting the herb air out for a while all I could smell was that of the fruity papers, but it smells so good I’m really not complaining.

The herb matter is really fluffy and soft, with just a few sticks and stems floating about.  I found it was pretty easy to roll into a nice herbal cigarette and it didn’t take me long to get one rolled so well that I could stand on the porch and enjoy it proudly, and enjoy it I did!  Juicy Herbs Potentilla Erecta lit up easily, and I smoked it slowly over the course of 10 minutes or so.  The main taste was definitely that of the papers, leaving a sweet sugary coating on my lips, but the herb itself seemed pleasant as well, though it wasn’t as discernible a flavor as other Juicy Herbs have been.

This herbal cigarette made for a rather smooth smoke and I never once coughed.  The act of smoking and the general enjoyment relaxed me, but I don’t think Juicy Herbs Potentilla Erecta really did much to relax me as it was.  It was thoroughly enjoyable, but as with the other Juicy Herbs products, the effects won’t overwhelm you or even surprise you.  You’ll be in for a very pleasant herbal smoke though, and in that sense I absolutely appreciated Juicy Herbs Potentilla Erecta.

Makes for a very enjoyable herbal cigaerette
Peaches n Cream flavor is great
Smooth smoke

No effects beyond the expected

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  1. MidnightToker

    To any manufacturer who would like their new smoking blend given a fair review, hit up our “advertising” link at the top. No offense to Super Fun Cave, they’ve been very generous with their samples and we are infinitely grateful to them for being so awesome, but they can’t be the only ones.

    Come on industry! Put up your dukes! There are hundreds of great smoking blends out there and we want to try them!

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