Dec 21

Juicy Jay’s Buddha’s Blend Review

Juicy Jay's Buddha's BlendTL;DR:  Juicy Jay’s Buddha’s Blend made for a very soothing rolled herbal smoke, the cherry papers balanced the spearmint and floral flavors of the herbal blend perfectly.  Although I didn’t find myself any further down the road to enlightenment, I’d welcome this blend as a stepping stone along that path any day. 

Constantly I find myself amazed at the range of herbal smoking blends manufactured by Juicy Jay’s.  This time around, I’m taking a look at Juicy Jay’s Buddha’s Blend, which was received from the fine people at Super Fun Cave.  The packaging is warm and welcoming with an image of an ancient Buddha statue decorating the left side of the package, and the description is rather inviting.  Buddha’s Blend is For Internal Journey & Spiritual Growth which admittedly doesn’t really apply to me, but that tag line still intrigues me in a way, instilling hope that this blend will be a rather peaceful and enlightening herbal blend.

Upon opening I’m greeted by a mingling of scents!  The delicious smell of the very cherry Juicy Jay’s papers obviously dominates at first, and I take them out and set them aside so I can let the rest of the scents rise.  Spearmint (menthe spicata) is the strongest scent in the blend, and it mixes and compliments the more floral affections of the lavender and jasmine flowers within.  Juicy Jay’s Buddha’s Blend also includes kava kava, hops, rosemary, juniper berries, and cinnamon.

This blend looks rather different from previous Juicy Herb blends, the coloring is all around lighter and some of the flower bits are still in obvious flower petal form, but they’ve been thoroughly dried and flattened.  It’s incredibly easy to break them up by hand, and I actually appreciate the ability to do this.  There are basically no sticks or stems in this mix either, everything looks rather well blended and it’s only for the sake of rolling an easier herbal cigarette that I decide to grind up a portion.  There’s plenty in here too, this package contains a solid 7 grams like every other Juicy Jay’s herbal blend.

It’s raining outside and I take cover beneath a porch awning as I light up my rolled herbal smoke.  My lips taste the cherry of the papers, but it’s the flavor of Juicy Jay’s Buddha’s Blend that stands out.  I coughed a few times, but the need to cough passes rather quickly, and I’m left with spearmint and floral tones.  I started to feel a bit light headed about half way through the smoke too, my mind wandering and my eyes feeling as if they were jiggling in their sockets just a bit.

A peaceful blend, no doubt, and although I feel no closer to a spiritual awakening, I do feel quite a bit more down to earth.  I finish the smoke in record time (thanks rain) and head back indoors, but I can’t help wishing it was summer and I could sit outside and watch the clouds roll across a bright blue sky.  Juicy Jay’s Buddha’s Blend won’t change your world by any means, but anyone looking to try an herbal smoke can find something to enjoy in this blend.

Tasty cherry papers
Pleasant herbal flavors
Calming and Peaceful

Slight coughing for a moment

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  1. Hector

    It is very very smooth and does even better with additive flavor drops.

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