Nov 16

Juicy Jay’s Proze Smoke Herbal Kush Review

Juicy Jay's Proze SmokeTL;DR:  Juicy Jay’s Proze Smoke Herbal Kush made for a surprisingly tasty, and calming rolled herbal smoke.  This blend might not look high quality at first, but looks can be deceiving, and this mild blend makes for a perfect smoke break. 

Juicy Jay’s Proze Smoke Herbal Kush comes in a large blue foil pouch.  The design of the package is simple, with an exploding blue geometric pattern behind the Proze Smoke text.  The back of the packet lists the ingredients contained within.  This smoking blend contains a mix of St. Johns Wart, Damiana, Sage, Spearmint, and Ground Cardamom Seeds.  Keep in mind that because this blend contains Damiana it is not legal in Louisiana.  I received my sample from Super Fun Cave, where it’s one of their newest products, and currently available for purchase.

The Juicy Jay’s Proze Smoke package says ‘rolling papers included inside’ and I have to admit this is the first blend to put the papers actually in the package that I’ve seen.  Sure, Lucid Smoking Blend came with some nice raw earth papers, but they were packaged separately. So it was a little weird to open up this packet of Proze Smoke and find these papers actually in with the herb mix.  I had to pull the pack of Juicy Jay’s Very Cherry rolling papers out very carefully as they were half buried in the herb mix, but I gave the papers a good shake and they were good to go!  No harm done, but it is a little weird.

I poured some of the herbal kush out on a paper and took a look at it.  There are a surprisingly high number of sticks and stems, and I expected this blend to be rather harsh because of it.  The scent is so minty, the spearmint really defines the aroma of Proze Smoke.  I don’t usually roll herbal smokes, but since the cherry flavored papers were clearly an important inclusion to the product, I figure that’s a perfect way to give Juicy Jay’s Proze Smoke a go.  The packet contains an entire 7 grams of product too, so you’ll be able to roll quite a few out of one pack.

Even though I dislike seeing stems and sticks in a blend, I don’t even notice it once I’ve started smoking my rolled cherry flavored Proze Smoke.  It’s surprisingly smooth and not harsh at all – and I really dig the cherry papers.  I don’t notice the mint scent very much in the air once it’s burning, but I notice a hint of it on my tongue.  It took me about 10 minutes to finish smoking, and by the end of it I had begun to feel rather calm and relaxed.  I felt some light euphoria; it lifted me out of the blues for sure.  Overall Juicy Jay’s Proze Smoke was a rather mild blend but still quite pleasant, especially as a rolled herbal smoke.  After this surprising success, I think I’ll be rolling more herbal smokes in the future!

Not Harsh
Lite Euphoria
Cherry Papers were awesome

Lots of stems
Juicy Jay papers are packaged a bit weird


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  1. Annonymous

    I’m sorry but one would do better walking out their back door, grabbing some pine needles and burning that for aromatherapy. No joke…..I feel bad for anyone wasting their money on any Juicy Jay Herbals. It is complete garbage in my opionion.

    1. MidnightToker

      Opinions are fine, but we caution against the “aromatherapy”, not to mention the overuse of the word “garbage”. Like everything else reviewed here, these are not incense products and they do not contain synthetic chemicals. Those are unregulated, untested, and unknown. These are natural products meant for a different kind of smoker, not really as marijuana alternatives. As we’ve said numerous times, if you’re trying them with the unfounded hope that they’ll knock you into next Tuesday on a marijuana-like high, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

      With that said, no one likes an excess of stems in their smoking blends. For the price, you can’t really go wrong – they’re a cheap, but pretty tasty smoke.

  2. The_Smoker

    Responding to both your comments, I think it really depends on what you’re looking for. Yeah, there were a lot of sticks and stems and that really dismayed me too, but if you roll it up in the papers provided it’s unbelievably smooth. As smooth as any tobacco cigarette, and way more relaxing than one. I really liked it – but if you’re expecting to get some sort of world change experience, you’re going to have a bad time.

  3. Sara

    The only type of “high” I get from Juicy is a calming effect. like I took a klonipin or valium. Nothing amazing, but that’s because it doesn’t contain all the harmful crud in it like herbal incenses do. Although the herbal incenses for example “The Darkness”…gets you high no doubt even though the high’s only last for about 20 mins . This is just my experience. If you are able to just smoke the real deal it’s a lot healthier for you and works way better as far as getting “high” goes.

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