Dec 11

KannaBliss CouchLock Review

KannaBliss CouchLockTL;DR:  KannaBliss CouchLock is an all natural herbal shot that can enhance the duration, enjoyment, and relaxing qualities of nearly any herbal kush or smoke it’s paired with, and it works great alone too. 

KannaBliss Couchlock is just one of several KannaBliss varieties shipped to me by the folks over at Super Fun Cave, and Burn One With Us will be taking a look at how these interesting little drinks work alongside herbal kush and other smoky treats over the next few weeks. The first up is KannaBliss CouchLock which comes in a deep purple colored bottle.  The bottle contains 2 fluid ounces of an all-natural herbal concoction which promises to enhance any smoking experience. According to the instructions you just tip the bottle back and swallow the drink down about 20-30 minutes prior to smoking your preferred herb, which seems simple enough.

For this review, I decided to test KannaBliss CouchLock with Organic Farms Blueberry Bliss.  Having tested Blueberry Bliss on a previous occasion, I knew what to expect and I was curious to see how the overall experience would differ with KannaBliss CouchLock rolling by my side.  The bottle warns to shake it well, and with a bevy of herbal extracts within, I take the warning seriously and shake it constantly for a good minute.  The main ingredients in the CouchLock version are melatonin, chamomile, and hops but there are quite a few other herbs working their magic in here too.

The minute of shaking is over and I crack it open (quite easily) and tip the bottle back, bracing myself for a terrible taste – in fact, I even poured myself a glass of ice tea for a chaser.  Except, for the first time ever, I’m NOT reaching for my ice tea!  In fact, I’m actually enjoying the mango flavor of KannaBliss CouchLock. This is, without a doubt, the first all-natural herbal shot that has actually tasted good.  So good in fact that for a moment I wondered if I actually did drink pure mango juice, and it’s only the slightly fake sugar taste hiding underneath that reveals its true nature.

The taste is undoubtedly impressive, but will it actually do anything?  I decided to set the clock and wait until 20 minutes past before lighting a small pipe filled with Organic Farms Blueberry Bliss.  After 10-15 minutes I began to feel rather relaxed, and that’s when I realized that I hadn’t even packed up the pipe yet!  My mind was beginning to feel rather aloft so I quickly got up, suddenly aware that I should have prepped the smoke prior to drinking CouchLock.  Oh well, once I’m up and moving it’s no big deal, but I’m impressed with how much I just want to remain still, wrapped up in blankets remaining utterly comfortable – and I haven’t even lit the pipe yet.

Thirty minutes in and I finally put flame to herb and light the blueberry bliss up.  The effects are definitely stronger and I’m so damn relaxed it’s amazing.  Relieved of any tension, I curled up on the couch and finished up my smoke.  The light euphoric effects of Organic Farms were amplified, making for a swirling sensation not unlike the feeling I get after two shots of whiskey.  This lasted for nearly an hour, and even after that I felt just fantastic and peaceful.  I ended up slipping into sleep about an hour after that and had one of the best naps I’ve taken in years.  KannaBliss CouchLock had some surprising effects on its own, but in tandem with Organic Farms the overall benefits of both products were amplified.  I definitely look forward to trying the other KannaBliss shots in the near future, but so far CouchLock is a winner.

Yummy mango flavor
Great labeling and instructions
Completely relaxing
Amplified other herbal effects

If you don’t like mango you may dislike the flavor
Probably works better on an empty stomach
May cause drowsiness

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