Apr 04

Mr. Head Intensity Herbal Smoke Review

Mr Head Intensity TL;DR: Mr. Head Intensity herbal smoke was a definite step above Mr. Head Mellow Burn, delivering positive relaxation while churning up other unique, though difficult to grasp, sensations. 

Mr. Head Intensity arrived alongside it’s previously reviewed, milder companion Mr. Head Mellow Burn. If you read that review, you’ll know that unfortunately I left rather unimpressed. While Mr. Head Mellow Burn did some things right, like offer a nice smooth burn and fantastic packaging, it fell flat everywhere else. It also didn’t help that I thought there was a bit of…sea snail in the blend. Was there really? The jury is still out on that one, but as I’ve given it more thought I’d have to say that the lack of a fishy scent makes me think the inclusion of Littorina littorea (periwinkle sea snail) in the ingredient listing was an honest mix-up with the flower periwinkle. At least that’s what I hope because Littorina littorea is making a second appearance in the ingredient listing for Mr. Head Intensity.

That’s not the only ingredient showing up as doubles, in fact the entire ingredient listing for Mr. Head Intensity is exactly the same as it was for Mr. Head Mellow Burn, leaving me to wonder what the difference really is in these blends. Most likely the ingredient listing isn’t accurate, perhaps to protect their trade secret herbal smoke recipe, or to make it clear that since both products are manufactured at the same location that they each could contain the same herbs, and a person with allergies would be wise to stay away from both. Really though, it just leaves me wondering if the regular herbal smoker should stay away from them both too, but there’s only one way to find out.

Like Mr. Head Mellow Burn, I received Mr. Head Intensity from Underground Herbs, where it’s currently available for purchase. Keep in mind that Underground Herbs is not the manufacturer, but just one of the distributors of Mr. Head blends. I opened the wonderfully packaged Mr. Head Intensity with ease and poured quite a bit out onto a sheet of paper. Visually Mr. Head Intensity seems to have coated the herbs heavier in extract than Mr. Head Mellow Burn, so perhaps the ingredient listing was accurate but the balance of herbs and herbal extracts is different. The herbs are all covered in a golden-brown powder, but you can still see plenty of light green herbage. Sticks and stems abound as well, but that’s pretty normal when an herbal smoke blend contains sage herbs, which this one does.

The preburn scent seems exactly like that of Mr. Head Mellow Burn, it’s a spicy sweet scent with hints of mint and fruit. It’s not bad, and definitely different from the usual. Deciding it’s time to test it out, I pack a pipe of Mr. Head Intensity and light it up. It’s not the smoothest of blends, burning my throat just a bit as I smoke it, but it’s not terrible either. Mr. Head Intensity came with a pack of rolling papers for an herbal cigarette, but out of preference I go for the pipe. The effects take some time to kick in, about ten minutes, and only after I’ve smoked a great deal of the herbage do I start to feel them.

Head spinning would be one way to describe it; I don’t feel mentally affected by the blend but I do feel physically affected. I’m clumsy as can be, and although my mind is focused, my body isn’t. My body does feel pretty relaxed though, and the feelings aren’t bad at all. As I continue to investigate the blend, my eyelids feel heavy even though I don’t actually feel tired. I definitely feel a bit out of synch with my usual self, and I guess that’s the intensity part of Mr. Head Intensity. It’s definitely better than Mr. Head Mellow Burn, but still it lies on the outliers of herbal smoking blends, offering a different sort of experience. Personally I’m on the fence about this one, but I wouldn’t dismiss the blend as just a placebo effect. Even though I’m not sure if I like it or not, if you’re looking for an herbal smoke that is totally different from the rest, this blend might be it.

Head whirling feeling leads to clumsiness; best to have a nice sit down with this one
Definite, though hard to describe, effects

Heavy-eyelids made me feel tired
More physical than mental


  1. tacoking77

    a vendor with new fweed needs to make some sort of contest on here, WE WANT TO TRY SOMETHING NEW! and not for 20 bucks a gram!

    1. The_Smoker

      True, any vendor who wants to host a contest on BOWU need only contact us :)

  2. ju

    just received a 5g packet in the mail. it definitely has some sedating physical effects. my body feels much heavier. kind of a neat feeling. also im getting slight sensations through my body. idk i cant explain it. feels cool for an all natural legal though.

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