Nov 30

Mr. Smiley E-Cig Kit & Relaxation E-Liquid (Vanilla) Review

Mr. Smiley E-Cig KitTL;DR:  Mr. Smiley E-Cig Kit was relatively easy to assemble and use, offering the perfect cigarette smoking experience without any of the smoke and providing a tasty flavor. 

Mr. Smiley E-Cig Kit is an electronic cigarette that you can use again and again.  The first e-cig I reviewed, the AER Disposable E-Cig, was as the title implies a disposable e-cig that was destined for the trash can once the liquid within had all been vaporized.  Not so with the Mr. Smiley E-Cig Kit because this little guy is built to last.  I picked my kit up from Super Fun Cave, but beware it doesn’t come pre-filled and you’ll need to pick up a Mr. Smiley Relaxation E-Liquid along with it, or another liquid made for e-cigs.  I wasn’t sure on which flavor of e-liquid to pick, so I went with a personal favorite, vanilla.

The hard plastic packaging this kit is in is relatively easy to open thanks to the perforated backing, and thorough instructions are also on the back of the package.  I’m really thankful for the instructions too, assembling the Mr. Smiley E-Cig isn’t the most complicated task, but it’s not exactly intuitive either.  There are three pieces to the kit – the battery tipped with the indicator light, the heating coil and filter cartridge, and finally the USB charger.  The battery screws into the USB charger, and then you can plug it right into your computer.

According to the instructions, Mr. Smiley E-Cig needs to be charged for four hours before you use it for the first time, but after only an hour the red light turned green on the USB charger, indicating the battery was fully charged.  The instructions are Relaxation E-Liquid (Vanilla)pretty insistent that you wait four hours the very first time, so I do just in case, but on average it won’t take that long to recharge.  The package suggests you normally recharge it for 2 hours.

Adding e-liquid into the cartomizer (the part that looks like the filter) is pretty easy, but I felt a little unsure at first.  It was hard to tell if the liquid was actually going inside, but pressing the cap back on funneled it in.  Still, a small bit dripped down, but barely any.  It was a bit slow going, but not too bad, and the vanilla scent was pleasant.  After filling it, I completely assembled it and took my first drag.  The tip of the e-cig glowed bright red and voila!  I exhaled a sweet vanilla vapor which vanished into the air.  You really have to close your eyes and think of this as a cigarette to make it work, just sucking doesn’t work, you have to really inhale.  Once you figure it out though it becomes second nature.

The flavor was subtle, it didn’t linger on my tongue and the air was completely scentless within seconds.  I continued relaxing and puffing on the Mr. Smiley E-Cig for a few minutes and every puff was as smooth as the first one.  The e-liquid is better than you’d expect, it has a rather relaxing quality that I’d thank the tryptophan for.  It didn’t tire me out, but a rather fine calm settled over me, which interestingly enough I didn’t even notice until someone else pointed out how much I’d calmed down.

In terms of taste, the vanilla scent far outweighs the tropical flavor of the AER Disposable E-Cig, although the other flavors of the AER are probably better.  The overall size is also smaller than the AER had been.  Top that off with the ability to recharge this e-cig, and this Mr. Smiley E-Cig Kit easily beats the AER Disposable E-Cig, at least in this reviewer’s opinion.  I look forward to giving some of the other e-liquid flavors a try.  If you’re looking for a replacement for your cigarette smoking habit, or you just want to smoke inside for once, Mr. Smiley E-Cig Kit is a really great value.

Smoke-free vapor e-cig
Vanilla e-liquid flavor was quite nice
Rechargeable and reusable
Detailed instructions
One bottle of e-liquid lasts awhile
Calming e-liquid

May be a bit tricky to figure out at first
Mr. Smiley E-Cig Kit does not come with an e-liquid


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  1. Greg

    Does this contain nicotine?

    1. MidnightToker

      Some of the various e-cig liquids you’ll find DO contain nicotine, many do not. If I’m not mistaken, this particular flavored solution DID contain nicotine. Make sure to check the packaging for each.

  2. vip4lyf

    I use Aer Cigs as well. They have a few new flavors coffee buzz which is now my favorite, and strawberry. The also offer a Starter Pack which come with a fully charged e-cig, a usb adapter, and 3 Cartimozers (most only give you 1 or 2 to start with) they also have like 6 or 7 flavors to choose from. I tried the volcano e-cig first and wis disappointed with the short charge and how the liquid would come out of the filter. With aercigs the pull is smooth and lasts a good 2 days before I have to recharge. I also like how they have Full, Low, and Zero nicotine choices. Customer for life. Plus when I was on their website I see that they are a green company, planting trees every time I purchase and I like the fact the aer cigs offers a point redemption system for return customers. A+ in my book. check their site out at http://www.aercigs.com. I use a coupon code “valuedcustomer” for a 10% discount.

    1. MidnightToker

      We were graced with a free AER cig from SFC awhile back. Tropical flavor, I believe. Quite good AND it helps the environment for every one sold. Can’t go wrong with that :)

  3. Jeremy

    The state that I live in recently banned all “incense” stuff, so everything has been really hard to get. I come across these things and I think to myself, “O THANK GOD!!” Unfortunaly I was dissapointed. I bought the 20 pack with the 4 assorted flavors. (Cherry, Vanilla, Irish Cream, and Soda) The shipping was lightning fast. and it was over the christmas mailing season so I was impressed with that. The flavors are all very light and tasty…at first. The longer you puff on then the more metalic and acrid they become. The feeling that you get from them could best be discribed as a light dizzyness, but that is ALL. It doesn’t last long, (maybe 1 full minute) before you have to puf it again. The vapor is very light to almost not there at all. There is no throat hit if you are looking for that. The pull is so smooth that you can completely fill your lungs drawing off of it and you won’t feel a thing. They are the same lenght as a 100 style cig so it is a bit longer than most e cigs. There are a lot of puffs in each one of them, but no where near 500. Maybe 400, but with the huge pulls that you will need to do off of them, those are gone very quickly. I rate this product as follows: Taste: 4/5 then it goes down the longer you puff. Effect 1/5 (its something but nothing like you are “looking” for.) i would not recommend this product….Sorry Mr. Smiley, but this one just dosn’t do it.

    1. The_Smoker

      Mr. Smiley is pretty awesome in my opinion, but it’s an e-cig and at the end of the day it’s an alternative to cigarettes. It’s definitely not an alternative to synthetic products like you’re describing – you won’t find that sort of thing on Burn One With Us, Jeremy. We like to stick to the all natural, the all around pleasant, and the all around safe smoking pleasures that are out there. I enjoyed Mr. Smiley because I got to smoke indoors, the vapor puffs were a bit difficult to get the hang of at first but once I did I was rolling, and I regret never counting the puffs between refills because I have no idea if I finished it out at 400, 500, or somewhere between, but for the relatively cheap cost I’m not going to count puffs. I use to smoke regular cigarettes, did so for plenty of years and happily too, but as most people eventually do, I quit – the cost was just getting too damn high! Mr. Smiley struck a nice little balance between a real cig, a yummy herbal blend, and a vaporizer for me – no regrets here.

      1. Jeremy

        I understand all that you are saying there, and I agree with damn near all of it. I guess my one request would be that it not be advertised “Relax like never before,” when the sensation can be duplicated by simply spinning in place for 5 to 10 seconds.

        1. The_Smoker

          Yeah I do agree with you there, I didn’t notice the relaxing side of things at all. I had a friend who also tried it, and she said she felt relaxed from it, so who knows? Maybe I’m just too seasoned to notice the little relaxation effect it may have.

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