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Organic Farms Cali Crunch Herbal Kush Review

Organic Farms Cali Crunch herbal kushTL;DR:  Organic Farms Cali Crunch herbal kush is a fun lovers relief, producing and encouraging an overall euphoric feeling, with a duration that outlasts many all-natural blends.  Although a bit harsh at first, it was easy to light, and a joy to smoke. 

Organic Farms Cali Crunch herbal kush is the first Organic Farms product I’ve had the chance to try, and I’m impressed with their packaging.  I received this sample from Super Fun Cave, where it’s currently available for purchase.  The 1.5 grams of 100% natural herbal kush comes in a little screw-top container so it can easily be resealed.  There’s a lot of herb crammed into this tiny jar, and it will take way more than just one session to get through it all, so the screw-top is definitely appreciated.  The labeling is very simplistic, stating that the product is 100% Natural, but it doesn’t list any ingredients and the herbs inside are ones I haven’t seen before, or at least I certainly don’t recognize them.

The majority of the mix is made out of one very soft plant, and by soft I mean it feels like velvet.  It’s light green in color, and covered in a fine layer of hairs, which gives it the soft feeling.  There is also a large smattering of small, red herbs throughout – I’m estimating there are only two or three herbs included in this mix, which may make it stand out amongst the herbal kush blends I’ve reviewed in the past, as most mixes seem to have a cavalcade of herbs within.  Some of the pieces are rather large, but they tear up easily by hand, and pack nicely into a pipe.  There doesn’t seem to be any real stems in the mix.  I was disappointed, however, to find a piece of plastic buried beneath the herbs.  Obviously this must have been an error on the manufacturer’s part, and it in no way affected Organic Farms Cali Crunch herbal kush, but I can only imagine my distaste had I tried to smoke it on accident.

Dime sized piece of plastic found in Organic Farms Cali Crunch herbal kush

I pack a decent sized pipe and use a regular lighter to start burning.  It lights up easily and quickly, the leafy herb catches fire and I inhale deeply.  Organic Farms Cali Crunch didn’t have the strongest of smells pre-burn, and the trend continues after burning it too.  There is definitely a light smell, but it’s nothing recognizable, and smells vaguely plant-like at most, making this a good possibility for herbal kush fans who like to keep it on the down low.  I actually left the room and came back in to get a fresh sampling of the scent Cali Crunch produced, and it’s reminiscent of flowers – burning flowers that is, or even distantly the potpourri aisle at a craft store.  Either way, it smells better than other natural blends have, and for that I’m quite happy.

There’s definitely harshness to the first few puffs, but I didn’t find myself coughing, and the taste was neither good nor bad, just a general burnt flavor.  The effects take a few minutes to kick in, and euphoria is the first one knocking on the door.  I’m grinning, laughing, and finding myself enthralled with a new game I know I shouldn’t purchase, but am going to anyway.  This feeling is a mix between a heady vibe with a desire to focus on something really fun, and an internal tingle beginning in the core of my body and moving up along my spine.  I find myself easily distracted, although the distractions are always warranted, and always leading me down an entertaining path.

The effects taper off after about25-30 minutes, but I pack another pipe and take off again.  The harshness is less noticeable the second time around, and I dig into a variety of entertainment.  The euphoric effects are similar to those of previously reviewed blends like 7 Sins Lust, but the overall duration of Organic Farms Cali Crunch is much longer.  Regardless of the repeated smoke sessions, I never felt tired, and my head and body continued to remain pain and annoyance free.  I thoroughly enjoyed this blend, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to sit down, burn one, and have some fun after a long day.

Longer Duration
Subtle Scent/Taste
Easy to Burn
Great Packaging

Harsh at first
No ingredients listed
Random piece of plastic found inside (my) jar


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  1. Johnnie Walker

    Bought this on Monday arrived today. I’ve tried this, golden nugget, wrath, and sloth…

    Golden nugget is definitely stronger, but this review is pretty spot on. Works for about thirty minutes and its a much better buzz. Wrath and sloth lasted fifteen at most, but they didn’t taste as good and the effect wasn’t great. No euphoria whatsoever. I’d recommend golden nugget over this but this was still a really decent blend. Me like.

  2. shyla

    what about the other flavored blends like orange passion an blue berry bliss? do these have the same effects as cali crunch?

    1. MidnightToker

      We haven’t tried them yet, though we expect to soon. Our sample provider has said that the orange flavor is actually stronger, but time will tell on that. I doubt you’ll get a very different experience from any of them, which is a fine thing, imo.

      1. shyla

        okay thanks! i was not sure which one to buy but seeing the review on this one i decided to give it a go might purchase the flavored ones if i like this blend. Will post back when i receive and try it out.

        1. MidnightToker

          Happy to help :)

  3. anon

    For a natural I really dig it. Smokes better than zero chem, hits harder, and is a better value than every non synthetic blend I’ve tried and trust me I’ve smoked and wasted pretty much all of them. I did not find any plastic in mine :P

  4. Sam

    Hey after reading this review I was really exticed. LOL just to let everyone know the blueberry bliss has a GREAT taste but no side effects what so ever. I also bought the black nugget now this I can say is a good solid but man do you gotta use the lighter on this one, requires a lot of HEAT ! I know these are all natural blends and I am very happy with the solid, I just kinda feel I got ripped on the blueberry bliss. Hope this info will help.

    1. MidnightToker

      Thanks! We haven’t tried the Blueberry Bliss yet, so we can’t really comment, but we totally agree about the torch lighter for the solids.

  5. Bonnie Hughes

    Since code black is closing today I need something comparable to code black. Was burning the CB Berry flavor but I need something with the same potency as the CB had! Anybody? Thx!

    1. MidnightToker

      Yikes, that’s a tough one for us to answer. Code Black was loaded with research chemicals and the stuff reviewed here is all natural. Potent, heady stuff, but no chemicals in it. If you want a direct replacement for Code Black, you’ll have to find an incense product with the same chemicals. The all naturals here, like Cali Crunch, are quite good and we prefer them. It’s a cleaner experience without the panic. On the other hand, they aren’t mindbogglingly potent, which I never cared for :/

  6. Mark

    thanks for the headsup on this

  7. shyla

    received mine today in the mail. heres my take on it…it is a bit harsh on the throat and has very mild effects didnt feel any euphoria at all but got a slight head like high. very slight. didnt expect much and didnt get much from it after about 5 bowls i stopped trying its all natural so cant expect mind blowing.

  8. David

    Disappointing!! Minimal effects at best (probably placebo). Harsh taste. Looks like AHIA BUD. Definitely not worth the money I spent. Another ALL NATTY dud.

    1. shyla

      i agree with this personally i dont believe it is worth the money maybe 10 dollars but not 15. different people may get different effects from this although i would not recommend it.

      1. MidnightToker

        Absolutely. To each their own :)

        We personally enjoyed it, but liked the solids more (stronger). Everyone is different, though, and results will always vary. For how long it lasted us, 15 is pretty reasonable, but cheaper is always better!

    2. MidnightToker

      Ahia Bud from International Oddities? Can’t say, really. Maybe they share some of the same herbs?

  9. Trey Chavous

    All I got was a small head buzz. is there a way to get most out of It

    1. MidnightToker

      A vaporizer might help, but a mild headbuzz is what you get from these and you know what, that’s fine by us. We don’t wanna commit a whole afternoon to the couch XD

  10. shaun

    dose it show up on a urinallisis

    1. MidnightToker

      Since there are no cannabinoids (synthetic or natural), there’s nothing to show up in a urine analysis. Smoke away :)

  11. Padgett

    It is totally a waste of ur hard earned They will try to tell you oh yeah it’s good & they should be ashamed about lying to people If you are use to Mary joy or Nice guy you will be so disappointed total waste of cash

    1. The_Smoker

      I honestly enjoyed it, and it is a good product, but you can’t compare it to something completely different. That’s like having a bite of an apple, and complaining that it didn’t taste like chocolate. Two completely different things my friend.

    2. MidnightToker

      We are glad to say that these products are nothing like nice guy or mary joy :)

      1. smokingmama

        i agree the synthetic smoke was taking a toll on my life as a mom a wife and proffesional,i couldnt get buzzed off of weed anymore,glad its gone, and i tried orange passion…loved it very calm mild buzz !!!

  12. Patrick

    Dissapointing. I tried golden nugget and it had little to no effects. This is not a substitute for code black, nice guy, etc. The reviews are highly misleading.

    1. MidnightToker

      Thanks for the comment! We’re sorry you felt mislead – we make an effort not to compare these smoking blends to herbal incense. They aren’t herbal incense in any way whatsoever. These are free of chemicals and considered safe to smoke. If you are looking for a marijuana or synthetic marijuana substitute, you’re gonna have a bad time :P

  13. mrsmokealotofpot

    I was wondering does this show up on any screen/urine drug tests

    1. MidnightToker

      Nothing we review here contains synthetic cannabinoids or THC. You’re good to go man :)

  14. spike4eva666

    I wanted to agree that if you’re looking for a substitute for marijuana, then you will be disappointed. I did find a piece of small paper in mine, no plastic though :P using a water based bong myself, real easy on the throat. however, the high was extremely minimal (if being compared to marijuana). on the other hand, it is safe and legal, and doesn’t show up on drug tests.

    also, I haven’t looked at where you’re located (the admins of the site) but for 1.5 grams here in Michigan, it’s $25. in my opinion, it isn’t worth the money in the least bit.. but i’d spend $10 on it, easy.

    1. othat1guy

      wow 25$ bucks I just got some at a smoke shop here in houston and paid a five dollar bill 5$ no tax. and let me tell you its way worth that! I never cared much for the synthetic (bug out blends I like to call em) anyways so yes good product

  15. mac

    Just tried Cali Crunch and it gave me the calming tired effect that they said it would. I personally feel safer since there is no chemicals involved with any of their products. i have tried all the natural smoking blends and this was the best!!!!

  16. scott

    First off, all the people on here leaving negative reviews on the product, are definately looking to get waisted or high because they like chemicals and drugs. Your comparing it to “spice” or “potpouri”. That stuff is addictive. Turns people into starving “popeheads” we like to call them. That stuff is garbage. Instead, try something herbal, natural, without have addictions or getting sent to hospitals or scraping up change for tour next fix. In my opinion, its a disgrace and garbage, “potpouri” ofcourse. If you cant smoke the real herb, i highly recommend all natural legal tobacco substitutes, with no chemicals amd addictive and illegal analogs. Fyi, i work at a boutique shop, am familiar with everything, and have seen and heard it all.

    1. MidnightToker

      We try not to generalize about people, but many indeed are comparing these products to spice. It’s like comparing apples to coffee mugs. We do agree that spice is harmful, addictive (but this varies by the chemical being used), and has completely unknown short and long term effects. Far better to enjoy an all natural product, safely. Thanks for the comment!

  17. tacoking77

    me I cant wait to try cali crunch, hint hint ! the manufacture of it should do a free sample promotion, as for overall effects im just glad their are choices ! this site is really awesome for 2013 blend info all legal! a big hell yah!

  18. othat1guy

    I really like this product so far. That being said, before I try more I am curious if it is chem free then what is giving me the ‘high’? anybody?

    1. The_Smoker

      It’s definitely chem free, but since Organic Farms doesn’t list their ingredients I’m not exactly sure what herb is giving you a lift. It’s an “exotic Hawaiian herb” but which one I haven’t been able to figure out. It’s definitely synthetic free though, we’ve seen the lab reports. Glad you dug it!

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