Oct 08

Organic Farms Orange Passion Herbal Kush Review

Organic Farms Orange Passion TL;DR: Organic Farms Orange Passion is an herbal kush with a truly orange scent. It might be a bit harsh at first, but its relaxing qualities help to bring on a dreamy mindset, making it a great blend for an evening wind down.

Organic Farms Orange Passion herbal kush comes in the same cute and quite functional jar that all Organic Farms products come in, and I love it just as much this time as I have previously. Oddly enough, I had to illicit the upper-body strength of my neighbor to actually open the jar this time, but once the seal was broken it was the same easy open, twist-off lid I’ve loved and known before. This sample was donated by Super Fun Cave, where it’s available for purchase. True to name, the first major quality I notice about Organic Farms Orange Passion is that delicious orange scent. The herbal kush in this little jar smells absolutely amazing, the orange scent is rather natural and more akin to juice than any other orange-product.

The appearance of the actual herb matter is quite similar to previously reviewed Organic Farms herbal kush Cali Crunch. The herbs are soft to the touch, and for the most part rather leafy and fluffy. There are no thick stems or sticks, although a few bits seem almost like seeds, and they crackle and snap when burned. Although I found this curious, it didn’t detract from my experience, and in the end I felt it was just a textural oddity of one of the herbs used. I dumped the entirety of the herb mixture out and was surprised at just how much fit into that little jar – it’s only 1.5 grams, but it feels like more than that.

I pinched up a bit of the Organic Farms Orange Passion and packed it into my pipe. The first puff is kind of harsh, and it stings the back of my throat. The second puff isn’t as bad though, and the third even less so. Once I get it burning nicely, the orange flavor comes through quite a bit more. It’s definitely not a strong tasting orange though, and the more I burn it, the less orange-like it becomes. The smell becomes reminiscent of burning flowers after a while, and quite similar to that of Cali Crunch. It’s not bad by any means, but your neighbors may think something is on fire. I actually thought, as I leaned into my pipe, that Organic Farms Orange Passion would be perfect with a pack of rolling papers.

After five minutes or so, my mind began to feel a bit encumbered. Focusing on anything became a low priority, and my mind flitted about aimlessly. Day dreaming was lovely, it was easy to let a conversation between myself and more of myself divulge into a mental stage play. It was a rather gentle feeling really, washing over me like ocean waves. I felt relaxed to go along with that, and that feeling never really went away even after the spacey feeling drifted away. It took about twenty minutes to feel it fade, which is about the average for all-natural products, so far at least. It was, overall, a very chill feeling. I did feel a bit tired for the rest of the evening, and preferred to just take it easy from there on out. Although I wish the orange smell would have carried over longer, I’m not surprised that it didn’t, but because of that I wouldn’t pick this blend for scent alone. If you’re looking for a rather relaxing herbal hash though, Organic Farms Orange Passion is worth considering.

Spaced-out feeling
Long-term relaxation
Lovely orange smell

A little sleepy
A bit harsh at first


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  1. SpaceMiNd

    Which would you recommend more for euphoria? This product or the Cali Crunch?

    1. The_Smoker

      Good question. Thinking back on the Cali Crunch, I think it honestly offered a bit more euphoria than the Orange Passion blend did. The orange one was euphoric too, don’t get me wrong, but it was more like…it was very spacey and more disconnected. Cali Crunch was more a grounded and internal euphoria, if that makes any sense.

      1. SpaceMiNd

        Like you feel good on the inside? I am ordering the Cali Crunch, thank you for responding The_Smoker you were a great help!

        1. The_Smoker

          Anytime, and thanks much for reading Burn One With Us by the way! Cali Crunch put me into a really giddy mood, I remember having a general laugh attack and having that…like that fluttery butterfly feeling inside. I repacked my pipe a couple of times with Cali because I was having a blast with it. Come back after you give it a go and let me know what you think.

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