Apr 11

Vaporizer Pen Reviews Featured in High Times

Image of the Atmos Raw-High scored of vaporizer pen reviews in High Times

The Atmos Raw-High scored of vaporizer pen reviews in High Times

Concentrates, such as waxes, glasses, and oils, have definitely broken into mainstream marijuana culture. High Times, as the  longest-running marijuana publication in the United States, is considered by many to be the go-to resource for cannabis information. Now, in addition to trying flower strains intoxicating recipes, and mass-marketed smoking accessories, High Times is featuring vaporizer pen reviews.

The vaporizer pen is a hand-held device meant to heat a small amount of plant matter (cannabis) concentrate without burning it, producing a smoke-free vapor that packs a real punch and can be carried discretely. Some readers have criticized High Times, saying this article with corporate brand name vaporizer pen reviews is the beginning of massive corporate influence at the publication. The magazine seems to be ignoring those fears, and presents the reviews in a no-nonsense fashion.

As the High Times article explains, “Our diligent staff has reviewed and rated (on a scale of 1 to 5) 15 top vapor pens so that you can get ripped without getting ripped off. We’ve provided vital specs on each of the following devices and judged them based on seven criteria: affordability, durability, versatility, high, stealth, health, and ease of refill.”

They quickly differentiate between convection and conduction vapes, and descripe the basic process of what happens to a concentrate while using either method of heating. However, when it comes to the actual pen vaporizers and their reviews, they are brief to a fault, leaving the reader wanting more details about why each item was rated as it was.

As it stands, one of the best-known brands took first place.

Of all the pens we tested, the Atmos Raw was the only one to rate a perfect score – almost unanimous 5s all across the board. It had the easiest pull and clearest taste, with one judge even commenting that it was “the closest a pen has come yet to doing a dab.” The fact that you can use it for flowers as well as concentrates without having to change the tank makes it one of the most versatile units. Our only criticism was that the power button was a little too stealthy – it’s more difficult to locate than those on other pens. All things considered, though, we felt this was the best-quality product we tested.

The SToK vape pen was the lowest rated by far. It received a score of 1.5. Put into context, out of 5, no other vaporizer pen review had an average score of less than 3, and most were 3.5 or higher. All in all, it’s worth a read for those in the market for a vaporizer pen, but it shouldn’t be the only source of information used.


Source: High Times 

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